Sustainability at e[s]

Is it possible to do sustainable online shopping? We say yes and show you here what sustainable e-commerce looks like at e[s]thetic space.

It starts with the fact that we only list brands that live a sustainable business model. Because our understanding of sustainability is not limited to our own store, but includes the entire value chain - from production to your home. That's why we only send you documents such as delivery bills and invoices in digital form.

As before, delivery is the area that causes the majority of emissions. Here, we try everything to keep our CO² footprint as small as possible. This means:

  • we do not use plastic for packaging
  • we have shipping boxes in every conceivable size so that we don't waste packaging material unnecessarily on any delivery; and of course, our cardboard packaging is sustainably produced
  • where possible we combine deliveries - even if this extends the delivery time by a few days
  • we do not destroy returned goods, but resell them in a sale once a year
  • the shipping of our products is done exclusively via GoGreen

GoGreen is DHL's climate-neutral shipping service. The shipping is CO2-neutral through investments in global climate protection projects. We also accept our returns in a climate-neutral way.